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Medfall International

The Medfall Group, operating as Medfall International, has an exclusive partnership agreement with Accreditation Canada (AC) to facilitate accreditation and specific advisory services to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Indian healthcare sector.

In association with AC, Medfall International will facilitate the availability and benefits of Canadian healthcare expertise to international clients with leading edge accreditation, education and advisory services to improve healthcare and patient safety. Medfall International and AC will work with Government and Private healthcare organizations to enhance quality improvement, assist with capacity building and address financial constraints while delivering world-class health services and programs.

Medfall International envisions a long-term commitment to the Indian Healthcare sector and the wellbeing of its society. Through the availability and benefits of both Indian and Canadian healthcare expertise, Medfall International will also independently provide Consulting and Executive Search services to healthcare organizations as they address the demands and competitive challenges of providing quality healthcare programs in response to population growth and increasing numbers of discerning individual patients while continuing to meet the requirements and standards of insurance providers.

Moving forward, Medfall International will expand its footprint by identifying and managing underperforming healthcare facilities in turnaround operations designed to enhance quality of care and operational effectiveness.

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Personalized presentations conducted online to provide you with introductions and to answer any questions about ACI/MFI.

To schedule appointment please contact:
Baljit Gill, Vice President, Medfall International
Email: bgill@medfall.com or Baljit.Gill@accreditation.ca

Ongoing Promotions

To learn more about inaugural deals in your territories in India and participating in various launch events scheduled to be held shortly in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Jalandhar, please contact:

Baljit Gill, Vice President, Medfall International
Email: bgill@medfall.com or Baljit.Gill@accrediation.ca