Integrate internationally endorsed standards and required practices (ROPs) into your everyday operations for the best chance to make your health care facility a safer place. Understand Health Care Quality Improvement opportunities via orientation sessions.


Readiness Assessments help you plan future quality improvement tasks based on your current operations by assessing your services against all High Priority Criteria and Required Organizational Practices. Simulated Surveys get you comfortable with the official accreditation process and identify which award is attainable for you using a sub-set of standards selected with your Advisor. Use the web-based Self-Assessments to gather operations staff input on your facility’s performance anytime in your accreditation process.


It’s easier to commit to safer facilities and better patient care with education sessions and ongoing advisory support tailored to your needs—offered in your language. AC helps you create workable strategic plans and develop, and implement, policies so you continually meet accreditation expectations.


The Accreditation survey assesses all criteria applicable to the organization, including high priority criteria, regular criteria and Required Organization Practices. After the survey your organization receives Accreditation report and Award. Recommendations get you moving towards future accreditation targets.


Get help to improve difficult areas with post survey coaching, education and advisory services so you can implement the survey recommendations and achieve new levels of accreditation. Take the next step in your quality improvement efforts by enrolling in Stroke or Trauma Distinction programs.


Define your organization’s requirements for new or enhanced program into a comprehensive project design through a needs assessment exercise.


Enhance existing accreditation program or introduce a new program by bridging together international best practices and local needs.


Transfer knowledge on programs, accreditation, quality improvement and patient safety methodologies to leaders, staff and surveyors.


Maximize efficiencies in implementing accreditation programs


Sustain your program for decades, by reducing costs related to program maintenance

Assessment Services

Design Your National Quality Health Care Program Around Your Resources: Health Care Assessment System Solutions

Building on more than 55 years of healthcare accreditation experience, AC offers a variety of local solutions to Healthcare Regulators and Accreditation Bodies that wish to improve their existing assessment programs or create new ones. Organizations that wish to develop, review or update their standards, automate a program, develop surveyor competencies or simply exchange ideas and resources, find great comfort to work with our Healthcare Assessment System solutions.

  • Assessing Your Needs

    AC’s internationally recognized experts collect and analyze data related to the needs of your health care system. Experts conduct onsite and offsite work through structured interviews, documentation review, and focus groups. This assessment leads to a detailed report and recommendations on the development and review of diverse components of health care quality improvement, patient safety and accreditation measures.

  • Planning and Design

    Our experts support strategic planning with key stakeholders to identify the direction to adopt with regards to health care improvement, patient safety and accreditation. Once the project objectives are determined, strategies can be established leading to identifying resources, roles and responsibilities, and project timelines.

  • Standards, Resources and Software

    AC can support you in updating your current standards and developing or licensing new standards for your program. We ensure that health care organizations undergoing local accreditation program have appropriate tools to facilitate implementation of the program. AC has developed a unique expertise in the automation of diverse accreditation programs through web and mobile platforms to make the accreditation process efficient and accurate. Ready-to-use software is available for the Qmentum Licensed Program or client-owned programs.

  • Local Requirements

    AC is at the forefront of innovation in the field of accreditation. It has a unique experience to interpret local requirements into licensing and/or accreditation standards.  Our experts have a broad exposure to number of national and regional models that can benefit our clients.

    Collaboration Centers can also integrate local guidelines and legislation into the Qmentum Licensed Program architecture.

  • Organizational Development

    AC prepares regulators and accreditation bodies’ leaders and staff to implement changes in their assessment system or introduce new programs. AC’s experts build confidence to manage a local program through various learning methodologies, including coaching, classroom training or online platforms. We can also assess skills and experience of existing teams or support recruitment of staff and onboarding.

  • Surveyor Development

    Competent and professional surveyors are at the core of an effective accreditation system. We work with you to review or create leading surveyor models, adapted to your specific health care environment. AC provides you with support to review and develop competency framework, processes for surveyor selection, recruitment, training, assignment and ongoing maintenance of surveyor pool, and many other aspects of surveyor management and deployment.

    Accreditation Canada’s surveyor training model is accredited by ISQua and has been transferred to many accreditation bodies worldwide in the past 20 years. Our approach can be customized to existing standards and processes or delivered as is within the Qmentum Licensed Program. Survey methodologies have evolved over time in order to meet inter-reliability requirements and support health care organizations in their improvement journey. Our training programs cover key skills including criteria and guidelines interpretation, observation of health care operations, documentation review, interview skills, report writing and debriefing techniques.

  • Educating Healthcare Organizations

    AC’s Education Program offers a variety of courses (PDF) that can be made available to health care organizations. These training sessions enable personnel of your client healthcare organizations to gain essential knowledge of the accreditation program as well as support their quality improvement efforts. These courses can be offered by your organization or in collaboration with AC.

  • Surveys and Co-Surveys

    Regulators and accreditation bodies do not always have the number of surveyors or specific expertise to conduct their surveys. Many of them solicit AC to provide our surveyors’ time. This approach expedites the process and objectivity of survey results, especially for small health care systems. Regulators and accreditation bodies can contract AC to perform their surveys or include one or more surveyors as part of national survey teams.

  • Accreditation Decisions Support

    Often regulators and accreditation bodies rely on committees to render decisions. AC has significant experience with developing accreditation decision guidelines, reviewing survey results objectively, publishing decisions and managing appeals. Accreditation Canada’s Accreditation Decision Committee (ADC) can provide support to accreditation decision makers, as well as guide them in how to design decision guidelines to achieve a high level of quality and patient safety.

  • Accreditation Support to Healthcare Organizations

    Managing questions including queries on a broad range of standards and criteria posed by health care clients can be overwhelming.  Accreditation Canada and AC work with thousands of health care facilities in the full continuum of care and understands their reality. Our seasoned health care improvement advisors can help local health care organizations implement health care quality and patient safety best practices through a no-nonsense approach.

  • Updating Standards and Resources

    Through its Program Development team, AC offers services to regularly update client-owned standards and resources. Collaboration Centers benefit from the regular updates performed on the Qmentum Licensed Program at a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own program. Accreditation Canada’s selected standards are updated every two years by international experts to guarantee they are aligned with the latest research and development, innovations and best practice around the world.

  • Software Upgrades, Maintenance and Technical Support

    Collaboration Centers using the Qmentum Licensed Program receive updates to the AccreditationAcceleration Suite software, AC’s flagship software to automate and manage the Qmentum Licensed Program. This software includes a health care organization management platform, surveyor deployment module, report editing and accreditation decision making modules, as well as self-assessment, internal audit tool and numerous built in questionnaire and instruments that can be sent and completed anonymously by individual health care organizations.

  • Healthcare Assessment System Support

    Although regulators and accreditation bodies may have launched their accreditation program, their partnership with ACI does not have to end here. Additional support related to managing their accreditation program, resources, or organizational processes may help to avoid problems Accreditation Canada faced in the past six decades. AC offers remote access to dozens of accreditation experts on various subjects such as governance, management, standards and surveyor development, etc.