The etymology of eolas is an Irish term meaning “knowledge, information, especially knowledge gained from experience or practice, acquaintance” and aiseolas is a derivative term meaning “feedback”.  It is with these words in mind, knowledge and feedback, that we chose EolasPro360 Assessment as its name.

As online meetings and work from home is now commonplace and is likely to prevail beyond the pandemic, it is vitally important to continue to provide feedback to employees on their work performance. According to surveys conducted by McKinsey & Co and LeanIn.Org, as well as Aon, some 30 to 45% of companies are now making significant changes to their performance management systems because of the pandemic.  According to a Joblist study, nearly 60% of employees said that receiving feedback on a regular basis is very motivating for them even during the Covid crisis.  What everyone needs now is connection and clarity.[i]

Several companies are refraining from their bureaucratic and time-consuming performance evaluations to make the review process clearer, easier to administer and with a greater focus on career development with frequent feedback.[ii]  Our EolasPro360 Assessment program offers just that.

The Medfall Group takes a holistic approach to performance management beginning with a review of both job specific and individual competencies aligned to the company’s vision, mission, strategies and structured competencies. The EolasPro360 Assessment tool incorporates flexibility in tailoring the program to suit each specific organization.

Designed for electronic deployment, it is an efficient user-friendly process in which all participants are guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. We provide outcome results and analytics to identify performance and developmental gaps, not only for the individual, but also to identify learning opportunities across the organization where it will have the biggest impact for sustainable improvements.  The goal is to assist individuals in a supportive, non-judgmental way and enhance CQI throughout the organization.  The option of a 720º assessment strategy can be provided measuring both pre and post rounds of feedback, an inside and out examination, emphasizing teamwork and validating the effectiveness of developmental activities.

I invite you to watch our Introductory Video to learn more about our EolasPro360 Assessment tool.  We will be pleased to connect remotely to present a short introduction to our performance management and development program, the EolasPro360 Assessment tool, and how it will benefit your organization.

For further information, please contact:

John Skakie, CHRL, MBA-HRM
Principal, Culture, Leadership and Performance Management
Tel: 647-400-5646
Email: jskakie@medfall.com


[i] Stephanie Vozza, “How Covid-19 should impact performance reviews”, Fast Company June 01, 2020.

[ii] Jena McGregor, “One potential pandemic upside: Performance reviews are getting simpler”, The Washington Post, Oct 19, 2020.



  • Unique, scalable, customizable, secure, web-based, anonymous assessment system adaptable for all potential users
  • Paperless process
  • Log-in and log-out anytime from anywhere
  • Automatically saves responses in between sessions
  • Assign rater groups, subjects, receive invitation and reminders electronically via email
  • Track and receive compliance reports electronically
  • Minimal data entry needed
  • Option for Electronic / Hardcopy delivery of reports and recommendations
  • Set and track annual benchmarks
  • Is a Risk Management and Quality Enhancement activity
  • Builds a culture of continuous improvement
  • Analyze performance data and make data driven decisions
  • Data Encryption: Data is securely transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology
  • Prevent adverse events and improve multidisciplinary teamwork



  • To Set-Up the system: Microsoft Excel file provided by the client containing Name, Designation, Email Address, Phone # of Subject, Rater Groups and Administrator, along with a chosen list of questions that need to be answered by all participants in the 360
  • To Access System: You only require an email address, access to the internet and computer/laptop





We have created a visual roadmap of the EolasPro360 Assessment Program. Please click below to see how the EolasPro360 Assessment Program can provide your organization with a holistic Performance Management solution.

Click to learn more: EolasPro360 Assessment Explained





I am extremely pleased to extend a very warm welcome to John Skakie to the Medfall team.

With his extensive experience in public, private and academic organizations plus national and international engagements in a variety of business sectors, John brings enormous HR-related experience and expertise to our group and adds further depth and diversity to our service offerings.

John will initially be committed to championing our newly-developed online EolasPro360 Assessment tool which will be available for clients across all sectors in addition to contributing to Leadership, Culture and Performance Management consulting engagements and HR Leadership search projects.

Welcome aboard John.

Patrick Gibney, President


Thank you for the warm welcome Pat! I am thrilled to be joining such a dynamic team at The Medfall Group.  I look forward to leading the EolasPro360 Consultancy Program and working with my team in providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service for our clients.

John Skakie, Principal, Culture, Leadership and Performance Management