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EolasPro360 and Triangulate Success Assessment Tool

  • Our EolasPro360 Assessment is a valid and reliable tool designed for electronic deployment
  • The tool incorporates complete flexibility in tailoring the program to suit each organization’s specific needs, providing a process that is clear and easy to administer
  • The tool is an efficient, user-friendly coaching process in which all participants are guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality
  • Provides structured feedback to employees on their work performance and career development
  • Assists individuals in a supportive, non-judgmental way
  • Enhances CQI throughout the organization
  • Delivers outcome results and analytics which identify other opportunities for sustainable improvements across the entire organization
  • Can be used to identify how your stakeholders view the organization through a looking glass of Organizational Performance, Culture, and Leadership

I invite you to watch our Introductory Video to learn more about our EolasPro360 Assessment tool.  We will be pleased to present a short introduction to our performance management and leadership development program, and the EolasPro360 and Triangulate Success Assessment tool, and how they will benefit your organization.

For further information, please contact:

John Skakie, CHRL, MBA-HRM
Principal, Culture, Leadership and Performance Management
Tel: 647-400-5646

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Key Benefits:

  • Focuses on how things are being done rather on what is being done
  • Designed to increase the personal brand awareness of an employee and aids in identifying their strengths and highlights areas for coaching and development
  • Risk management tool that helps build an open culture of continuous improvement and where opinions are valued in terms of Organizational Performance, Culture and Leadership
  • Encourages a strong and cohesive team improving employee relationships, self and group accountability, and provide clarity on how to improve overall performance
  • Outcomes are set and used to track annual benchmarks
  • Track and receive assessment project compliance reports electronically
  • Option for Electronic / Hardcopy delivery of reports and recommendations
  • We provide and analyze performance data reports to make knowledgeable data driven decisions
  • All project data is securely transmitted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology

Getting Started:

  • System Set-Up: Client provides a Microsoft Excel file containing Name, Designation, Email Address, Phone # of Subject, Rater Groups and Administrator, along with a chosen list of questions from our extensive library of established questions and/or organization specific questions to be included in the assessment

Introductory Video:

Learn More:

We have created a visual roadmap of the EolasPro360 Assessment Program.  Please click below to see how the EolasPro360 Assessment Program can provide your organization with a holistic Performance Management solution.

Click to learn more: EolasPro360 Assessment Explained