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Medfall 360 Assessment

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Over the years, we have come to learn that high performance healthcare organizations are those with cultures and leadership and management behaviours that focus on quality, safety and accountability, not as slogans, but as practices and behaviours embedded in their daily routine. The Misson of such organizations is to ensure that these defining principles transfer to the patient/client experience. For healthcare facilities, the first “casualties” of organizational dysfunction are quality of care, performance, and relationships across professions, teams, programs and their leaders.

A prerequisite for organizational success is the development, modeling and recognition of the skills, attributes and behaviours contributed by the professionals within that organization. Making these expectations explicit and supporting them through meaningful feedback is central to improvement, particularly where interpersonal dynamics, behaviours and self-reflection are facets of personal and professional growth over time.

Medfall 360 is an innovative approach to articulate and trend confidential feedback to participants across their relationships and circles of influence. Organized into domains that can be tailored for each organization, Medfall 360 provides participants objective and confidential feedback from those colleagues with whom they regularly interact. Provided with this insight, participants can incorporate this feedback into their behaviours, relationships and development plans in discussion with their respective leaders.

Medfall 360 is not a tool for activities associated with the annual medical staff appointments or credentials review processes; rather, it is a feedback loop informing participants of their impact and effectiveness as a member of a team, program or department.

Designed for electronic deployment, all participants can access the tool whenever convenient. Sponsors receive real time progress reports and members receive an easy to use confidential summary report.

In utilizing Medfall 360, the organization is investing in a Quality and Risk Management program while recognizing the value of common behaviours relative to clinical excellence. Trended over time, at any designed frequency, leaders can assist members prepare personal and professional development plans that incorporate any critical gaps before they become an issue, at either a personal or organizational level.

Thank you for selecting Medfall 360 and making an important investment in your journey of becoming the best you can be.

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