The Medfall Group maintains a specialized and unique healthcare management consulting team dedicated to the needs of clients in the healthcare sector. Medfall’s team of mature, experienced and respected physician and administrative consultants is committed to offering its vast collective of clinical and management experience to provide evidence-based, practical and achievable solutions for healthcare clients.

We Understand the Healthcare Environment

At Medfall we understand the healthcare environment and the constantly changing environmental influences in this sector. We appreciate the challenges presented to hospital and regional healthcare Boards and senior management in healthcare organizations as they address the various organizational, financial and political pressures while striving to maintain quality clinical programs.

Our consulting division understands the complexities and dynamics involved in clinical program delivery systems and the challenging issues which inevitably arise requiring objective, trusted, third party expertise to assist with review, recommendations and facilitations.

We maintain the expertise, experience and credibility to work with your clinical and administrative staff to facilitate resolution to individual and programmatic issues. The reputation and integrity of our consulting teams facilitates buy-in from the various stakeholders involved and contributes to solutions grounded in an educational approach.

Our Team has Significant Previous Clinical and Administrative Experience

Our consulting teams comprise individuals with significant previous clinical and administrative experience in association with those who are currently working in leadership roles. As such, we maintain the ability to work with Boards, administrative and medical leaders, and various stakeholders in a trusted, respectful relationship which fosters positive outcomes for the issues addressed.

We have significant experience in addressing issues which may involve legal counsel and the various regulatory Colleges.

Our Network and Relationships

Our network and relationships within the healthcare sector allow us to manage projects of various scope and complexity. While our focus is on medical staff and clinical program issues, we maintain the ability to successfully complete projects which require an integrative approach from complementary areas of expertise. We can draw upon specific subject matter expertise as required depending on the nature of the project.

For further information, please contact:

The Medfall Group
Tel: 905-357-6644

We maintain a significant network and key relationships within the healthcare sector allowing us to remain current on issues influencing the sector in addition to providing us with access to various levels of information and expertise from which our clients can benefit.

Our expertise is available to Canadian and International clients.

For further information, please contact:

The Medfall Group
Tel: 905-357-6644

Medfall is committed to providing solutions to the healthcare sector in the following areas:



  • Individual Physician / Group / Department Assessment (from quality, safety, behavioural and legal perspectives)
    Our consultants will conduct chart reviews and interviews, provide recommendations to the review sponsors, liaise with legal counsel and be available to MAC, the Board and any review body involved with issues arising from the review.
  • Clinical Service / Program Review – Audit
  • Operational Reviews / Technical Assessments of Clinical Programs & Departments
    In addition to bringing credibility that positively affects medical staff “buy-in” to the process, our expert consultants will provide an objective and evidence-based report and be available to discuss the recommendations with senior management and the various stakeholders.
  • Addressing Quality Assurance and Risk Management Issues
    Our consultants will address Quality Assurance and Risk Management issues in the context of appropriate checks and balances for optimum patient care delivered by qualified medical staff in an appropriate therapeutic environment.



  • Medical Manpower – Clinical Resource Planning / Succession Planning / Retirement Planning & Counseling
    We will assist Medical Staff and Administration to develop a medical manpower plan in the context of community needs, available complementary expertise and affordable funding resources.



  • Facilitation / Conflict – Dispute Resolution / Mediation involving Medical Staff
    We will provide external fact-finders who will investigate the issues and meet with the involved parties in order to achieve resolution – includes the use of a mediation process.
  • Review of Hospital / Medical Staff Governance, By-laws, Rules & Regulations
    Our consultants will assist hospitals and their Medical Staff in reviewing and developing Medical Staff By-laws and Rules and Regulations to meet the governance needs of merged hospitals and those undergoing organizational change.
  • Medical Staff Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Facilitating Board / Medical Staff Retreats
    Medfall will facilitate Board and similar retreats and assist in the preparation of goals and agendas in order to meet the retreat objectives.
  • Mentoring of Physician Leaders at various levels
    Our consultants will assist in the development of physician leaders through the provision of experienced teaching mentors who have personal experience of the particular leadership role combined with the knowledge of the principles and practice of leadership.



  • Partnering with other firms to provide project synergistic expertise

The expertise of our consulting partners, in association with the extended resources available to us through our search divisions, identifies us as unique in our ability to provide our clients with significant value added services.


  • While our clients are exclusively in the healthcare sector, our network of available expertise extends beyond healthcare and incorporates resources from other sectors who can provide the required expertise for our clients.
  • The projects undertaken in our search divisions allow us to constantly add to our network of available clinical and administrative expertise whose services we can we can employ in the various projects we undertake on behalf of our clients.
  • Members of our consulting teams, many of whom concurrently function in clinical and administrative roles within the healthcare delivery system, are experienced, knowledgeable and current on healthcare issues and are well placed to provide relevant expertise and counsel to clients in the evolving healthcare environment.
  • By retaining Medfall, clients benefit from the collective input of our team of Partners and Associates. Access to such in-house expertise, incorporating administrative and clinical backgrounds, is a distinct strength of our firm, one that is unique in the healthcare consulting field and of significant value to our clients.