Leveraging our experience of successfully and professionally conducting high calibre Healthcare Executive search for numerous hospital and healthcare organizations across Canada over the past 29 years, The Medfall Group has added another practice to our Leadership Search Division.

This new practice, Healthcare Information Technology Leadership Search (HITLS), provides specialized placement and executive search services to the rapidly expanding Healthcare Technology industry. Our Candidates typically are recognized Healthcare Technology Leaders who work in a range of positions extending from the Project Manager and Director level progressing through to the CTO, CIO, Chief Compliance and Chief Data Privacy Officer levels. These candidates are identified, screened and presented through Medfall’s proprietary Recruitment process.



In order to provide a comprehensive and thorough technical evaluation of candidates in this HITLS domain, The Medfall Group has constituted a special Technology Advisory Panel (TAP).

The panel comprises recognized national & international Subject Matter Experts (SME) in IT. The panel conducts technical competency assessments of candidates and advises on their suitability. Although Medfall, through its prescreening process, endeavors to route the candidate to a specific SME on the panel, there may be instances when a specific search may require multiple SMEs to simultaneously conduct the technical skills assessment of the shortlisted top three (3) candidates.

The TAP provides a unique differentiator and represents a key value proposition to Medfall led searches.



Working exclusively for clients in the Healthcare sector, our firm understands the current leadership pressures for performance from administrative, clinical, and technology perspectives. The emerging trends shaping organizational design, program & employee performance, accountability, accessibility, safety, and quality are paramount in our understanding of leadership roles and responsibilities and in screening candidates for those roles.

Our proprietary search methodology is highly specialized and evolved and we have an extensive track record of success in Community and Academic hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

For the past 29 years, The Medfall Group is highly respected within the healthcare community across Canada and internationally. Some of our key differentiators include:

  • Our knowledge of the sector is extensive and we possess major experience in successfully recruiting for Healthcare Executives & Physician Leaders.
  • We have a comprehensive network of contacts, associates and potential candidates to ensure that top tier candidates consider opportunities as opposed to only those who are scanning advertisements and job sites.
  • We have sourced Canadian and international candidates for our Canadian clients.
  • Each search is a unique undertaking and we are totally client-focused on each project we undertake.
  • Our brand is well-known and we are a trusted source for candidates to explore opportunities in confidence.
  • We offer a superior, evidence-based, objective and cost-effective process for leadership searches.
  • We offer a full service to facilitate a timely and successful outcome.

At The Medfall Group, we are committed to providing a quality customer experience both for the candidate as well as the client.


Our services are delivered in partnership with client organizations to identify top tier candidates with qualifications matching the specific deliverables identified for the role combined with the aptitude to enhance the mission, vision and strategic imperatives of the client organization.

The rigor, discipline and unique methodology associated with our search process delivers highly qualified, professional candidates with the requisite skills to achieve results and the appropriate leadership style that fits with the organizations culture. We provide a comprehensive results-oriented quality service that delivers value to our clients.

Our client focus is in the healthcare, academic and not-for-profit sectors in which we maintain extensive networks, while maintaining the ability to source candidates from other sectors.

Client-focused: Our search process acknowledges the unique features and needs of each client organization.

At Medfall we appreciate the challenges associated with pursuing a new position for both candidate and family.

We are candidate friendly and inclusive of all qualified candidates pursuing opportunities through our firm.

Medfall is extremely supportive of all candidates pursuing opportunities through our process and fully appreciates the effort and commitment of those candidates who engage in our search, screening, presentation and negotiating activities.

We are a highly ethical firm and we appreciate the need for confidentiality throughout our processes.  The Medfall Group enjoys a well earned reputation for protecting candidate confidentiality at all times.

We will conduct our search in a professional and diligent fashion. We will respect client privilege and maintain the confidentiality of client material at all times. We will behave ethically and with integrity.

We will undertake all due diligence in preparing client materials and in conducting candidate screening and referencing. In representing the client’s opportunity to candidates, we will use discretion and ensure candidates have accurate information about the position, the organization and the search process.

If a candidate is terminated for cause within the first 1 year, we will initiate a new search to replace the candidate for which no additional professional fee will be charged. Search expenses are payable.